Bride / Groom Outing from Hotel's Lobby.

Kindly find below the New Package for the Bride or Groom Outing at the Victory Byblos Hotel & Spa.
The Package includes:
- Hotel Entrance, Lobby, Terrace & Parking rental from Noon till 6:00 Pm
- 2 Persons for the service.(Glasses are provided for free. Juices, Champagne & Water to be provided      
   by the customer.
- The hotel will provide free Tables for the Chocolate / sweets (chocolate, sweets... on customer's account)
- Music & Speakers to be provided by customer.
- 24/7 electricity &  A/C or heater in the venue provided by hotel.
- Flower arrangement to be provided by the customer.
- Photographer to be provided by customers.
- 1 Large suite provided by the Hotel for the Bride /Groom to rest and for prepare for the wedding....with possibility to book it for a full honeymoon night at an extra additional charge.
- Set up to be approved by the hotel and agreement to be signed 2 weeks befor the exit day at least.
For Prices and more information please contact 70/470321 or 70/911 999 (WhatsApp available).